A New Beginning

I had taken one long toke and then went into this 20 min trip. I guess I started stumbling around the room and my wife pulled me down on her lap while I went down I seen the carpet blend into me, but it was not carpet it felt more like a heavy metal flowing into me..

Kinda like the metal coats that the knights would wear in battle. Then I seen an old clock my Father used to have in our living room of my childhood home. The clock was a castal and these little men would outside of the castal and back into it every hour. They were knights, kings and jesters.

Then I was told I was talking in another language and that I took my hoodie and laid it out and said this was the bridge.. As I started coming back to this reality I seen everyone around me and I rememberd it as a dream I always had as a child of these brothers and sisters I never had. I was the youngest of these brother and sisters but I never knew who they were as a child.

In reality I was a only child... Once I came to I told everyone that this was supposed to happen and we were really all brother and sisters. We were descendants of the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalen… A real strange trip it was.

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