Well this was my second time using the 5x extract. First time I smoked 1 gram of leaves in a home-made bong, it did very little to nothing for only a couple of seconds. After that I decided to go for the 5x. This time I had a hookah pipe and smoked 1/2 gram of 5x. Once I took my second inhalation, a 'pulling' sensation starting from my mouth down to my hands was getting stronger and stronger. I felt I had to close my eyes, I didn't want to be disturbed by anything or anyone. My sitter asked if anything was happening and I was able to mumble the words 'please stop speaking' so I could enjoy this strange first-time feeling. It's incredibly difficult to explain how you feel. I felt I was a mechanical part of a theme park ride (I know it sounds very confusing but at the time it made perfect sense, just like in dreams). It only lasted for about 2 minutes, but that was also because of random distractions around the house making me 'come back'. So this time I decided to do it right. I sat down with my sitter on the bed, far from any distractions (phones off) and placed 1/2 gram of 5x in my hookah pipe. Even before 20 seconds into my second inhalation I could feel the familiar 'pulling' sensation in my mouth as the first time. I think a good way of describing it is imagining having 1000 strings sticking out of your face, and someone is gently pulling these strings all at once, gently altering the direction of the pull every now and then. At that moment I was not 'me'. It was like I was in this tiny world, I could 'feel' the presence of tiny little people everywhere. What was I this time? Again, it felt like I was a mechanical part of a theme park ride!! It felt like I was the support beam, holding up a ride that little 'children' were playing on and singing! After a while I managed to open my eyes because the sweat was making my arms slide down my legs (I was sitting cross-legged with my arms on my legs), and it felt as if the ride was 'closing'. I looked at my hands and felt a great sensation that 'I had hands!!' My sitter thought I was talking about the sweat dripping down from me, but I turned to him and said: 'No it's not that, I have hands!!'. It was a very warm, pleasant feeling! I wasn't scared at all, and actually enjoyed every second of it! I believe the way you sit whilst smoking it affects the trip. That's why I had similar experiences both times. After about a minute or two, I completely came back and felt very very relaxed and happy. I have the Giant Pack waiting at home with 5x extracts, 10x extracts and even 20x extracts. Slowly but steadily I want to go through them all and experience this amazing feeling salvia provides. I'm actually doing some 5x tonight as well. I'm definitely sitting cross legged, with my eyes closed again! I'm already looking forward to it! :)