3rd time charm

I had been previoulsy aquainted with the drug. Me and my friends had tried it twice before. Both times were quite mild, but a decent experience overall. But this time was different. I told my friends I was going to try and take two hits. So we pack a fine bowl and I put the bong to my lips. Light, inhale, exhale, inhale...But before I could take the second hit I started to feel strange. I wan't sure if I was sitting or standing, but it felt like neither. More like floating. Then I looked up to see what in reality was my arm. But I was from form reality and to me my arm was a street. And around this street grew a house and then a whole neighbourhood. Complete with trees, sidewalk, fire-hydrants, you name it. but when I looked down at my shirt I realized that the street was me. So I pulled back arm away only to see the street being ripped away from the scene to expose the broken rubble and fire beneath. After the street incedent I thought all was well. Then I notice that everything I look at seems to be gravitating towards me. The only way I can describe it was I felt like a black hole. It seemed that everything even light and sound were be slowly pulled towards me only to disappear and reappear. Overall it was the greatest break from reality I've ever experienced.