2D segmented world

I tried Salvia 20x extract for the first time last night. I have tried other psychedelics before so thought i would give it a try. I smoked 1 bowl through a bong and i remember taking the hit then my legs started feeling really tingly. I had 2 friends with me so I think one of them took the bong off me because nearly instantly I felt like I was being pulled backwards and all I could see was my friends faces and they said my name but I couldn't speak and they were getting further and further away. Sort of like I was melting into my body or falling. I was standing when I smoked it so I apparently sat down and then just lay on the bed. I sort of remember an intense rushing feeling over my whole body and flashes of images then realised I was sitting on the couch in the lounge room. I had laid down for only a minute and then walked into the lounge room but have no recollection of doing so. The intense rushing feeling must have been me walking. I started to see things around me but it was like I was looking at a 2D moving picture and I wasn't me, I just was part of this 2D world. It's really hard to explain but I could see where I was exactly but it was like there was rows or lines going across all i could see and inbetween the lines was a different feeling, or reality like it was all one thing but at the same time each segment was different....weird. I then realised that my friends were there but I couldn't hear them or talk to them and I looked at one of my friends and he was all segmented too. A line went across ways from his eyes and then another above his forehead and because my consciousness was in that same segment i thought we could communicate or see the same thing and I said 'are you here too' or something along those lines. I could kind of relate it to his eyes being above water and mine were too, like we were above it. I then started to feel really bad and just kept feeling and saying that I wanted it to stop. I began coming back into reality slowly and just laid back on the couch and tried to relax, shut my eyes and wait for it to end. I don't know whether it was good or bad but I would probably never do it again. It wasn't spiritual or educational, just really intense. It only lasted a few minutes but it felt like forever.