1st Time- Anyone Curious about Salvia Should Read!

Hello- I just tonight was lucky enough to try Salvia for the first time- and this is my report to share my experience to find a greater meaning and interpretation of Salvia-

I truly believe my life has been changed by this experience, if not for the simple fact i had left this reality, but because i truly feel this unique drug is mysterious and powerful.

To preface this a bit, I have tripped on acid many, many times, and to a lesser extent psilocibin mushrooms, along with ecstasy, PCP, and of course marijuana, so i really thought i was ready for anything out there...boy was i wrong.

I had actually just taken mushrooms for the fourth of July, and it was about 2 days afterwards my friends called me and asked if i would like to try some Salvia- a nice gesture as i had heard them describe the trips they had, and it always sounded so crazy- talk of people running around crazy and seeing things, or unable to move and drool all over the place, or think they are chairs or something..

They had done Salvia quite a few times before, so i trusted the fact it was safe to smoke...I had heard of Salvia before back in college, but thought that it was commonly known to have made people see "little men" and such like Absynthe, or baby ayhusca seeds. a light psychadelic, but nothing more...as i said before, i was very wrong about that..

SO! since i had just tripped mushrooms for the 4th, i had my apartment all decorated with streamers and crazy lava lamps, fiber optic color changing lights, and laser machines etc. long story short it was a place MADE for psychadelics! My friends advised me to move the coffee table and anything sharp, because they said people sometimes could fall over things when they tried to walk (or run) around- SMART IDEA!

They also advised me not to ever do Salvia without someone sober to watch out for you...ANOTHER GOOD IDEA! I set up my Playstation 3 to display some trippy visualizations as i played George Benson's White Rabbit (a cover of Jefferson Airplane's psychedelic Alice in Wonderland song, quite fitting choice as i was soon to find out!) I sat down on my couch with my girlfriend on my side and my friends sitting around me on my indian carpet and they loaded me a bowl of the strongest potency (20x?) Salvia in my water pipe with ice in the water chamber, they said it would make the taste better.

I wanted to save some for my girlfriend, so i tried to hit just half what they had loaded...I held in my hit for about 20-30 seconds and blew it out...I remember it didn't taste bad at all, a lot better than hitting resin! My girlfriend took the bong from me, and i remember feeling that nothing was happening...then..I said to my friend, "Oh, i think something is happening....." and they all smiled...and then.. WHAM!!!!!!!! My friends all seemed to rise up into space and i seemed to kind of melt into the couch..and then i was completely inside the most vivid hallucination i have ever experienced.

Usually with LOTS of acid, I am able to experience fractalizations and geometric distortions of space, walls breathing and designs actively swirling and moving, but always still remained aware of my person and that I was an individual. with this Salvia hit, i was completely out of reality, the visions i experienced were totally disassociated from my actual vision...

I started by feeling the entire world basically deform into a type of intense kaleidoscope made of what seemed to be brightly colored foam or clay pieces, and i started rolling to the left, all 3 of my friends faces seemed to lock onto a rotating circle of what seemed to be cartoon caricatures of their faces, they seemed to distort and stretch to fill a cog on the cone like wheel that began rolling to the left...

I remember distinctly feeling that my friends had known a type of secret, that by sharing with me this Salvia, they had knowingly brought me into this weird new world, that they were making me into "one of them" and that everyone who ever had taken Salvia I was now connected to in some way.

At this point, i could hear the music playing, and it was the most crystal clear wonderfully soul-filling sound, magnified and amplified a million times, but distorted into an almost Sitar like sound, but still keeping the original composition of the song...it was just totally alarming that it was happening so fast... All the colored pieces that seemed like liquid jigsaw pieces I was experiencing kept rolling to the left, until they wrapped around to the top of my vison, and continued until a complete circle, or cone of vision immersed me totally, again like a liquid kaleidoscope, always morphing and shifting, and i felt I was being rolled along with the pieces of my friends faces..

My entire left side of my body seemed entirely numb, and i felt that i was only able to feel the right side of my body.. It was at this point i became really very frightened.. It seemed as though this new "reality" i had fell into was a complete and distinct new reality, and i felt as though i had always been here, and in fact the reality that was my old life was maybe just another dream, or maybe a memory of another time, another life, and that I was REALLY AFRAID I WAS NEVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO GET OUT.

The world kept seeming to roll and roll, i could see my friends faces, and seeing them confused me more, because they reminded me that there was somewhere else i should be, but every second i seemed to lose a grip on just what i had come from before i had hit the Salvia. The actual universe was fading fast, and the more i tried to break free of the cycle of rotation, i panicked a bit more.

The entire time i was freaking out, i experienced no scary images or anything like that, in fact I felt that the entire universe was made of a type of colorful spongy material like what muppets are made of, or basically like H.R. Pufnstuf's forest (google it) overly saturated with colors, it really was quite amazing now that i look back, but at the time, all i wanted was to come back to reality, it was really starting to freak me out, i could tell my heart was beating about a million times a second, even in my trace state..

I remember i even started calling out for help, saying "hey guys- ..." when i could see my friends faces, and "what? no! help me guys!" to my friends rotating faces... The harder i tried to fight the pull on my being, the stronger it pulled me farther and farther away from any semblance of reality...

All of a sudden, i felt as though i had been there in that state of consciousness for a really long time, in fact i couldn't remember at all what life was like before i was in the Salvia trip, it felt as though my soul was being processed and grinded along as i floated, preparing me for the loss of corporeality..to leave my body for good..to be caught in this hyper-surrealistic overly-saturated dimension.

Then all of a sudden the music stopped and I seemed to slide a bit away from the terror of the moment, and as i tried to break free of the shackles of the clay and foam world that i was rapidly sinking into and becoming one with, a force seemed to hold me down and beyond my control manipulated and deformed me, it seemed to be floating around and above me...touching for a moment a presence of being greater than myself, or rather beings, billions of beings...a cloud of electricity, a nebulae of disparate but unified voices, a collective sum consciousness of nature and humanity both..

They were just above and behind me, so that i couldn't actually see them, i just could FEEL them..this "force" seemed like the stream of consciousness to which all our souls return to after we die, or even when we dream, a lifeforce, if you will. this lifeforce was at perfect ease with this new reality, it was its home i had slipped into. and it wanted to incorporate me into its being, another block in the puzzle of existance... it seemed as though this mass of psyches were from both the beginning of time and farther into the future, and it could see all times before and yet to come, not that they could "see" the future, but in fact that all times seemed to flow though this reality, that past, present, and future were one and the same, and that humans had forgotten how to get there..Like when hindus are born again and again..but can't escape to nirvana..

But i was REALLY TERRIFIED BY THIS POINT...i was sure that there was something really very wrong with my situation, the "multiverse" had trapped me, and I could feel the inside of the back of my brain itching and tingling, and my body seemed to be disintegrating beneath me...I thought i was going to be trapped there forever, and i was kind of sad, because it seemed i could see and hear my girlfriend, like we were dancing inside a sort of membrane of colors and designs, and i just wanted to understand what was happening and who i was...but i was hopelessly stuck from behind to the cone of rotation..

Suddenly, i was aware of being back in the normal universe, i was suddenly back on the couch, but i was behind the images on my TV,and the indian rug i had was dripping slowly into place, from high above..and my friends were all around me like before, and my girlfriend was holding my arm and smiling at me...but i was still not quite out of it yet...

Slowly the entire room kind of faded in, kind of dripped back into place, like oils merging on a slick surface to form a bigger pool of oil...it still seemed that while i was returning to the normal world, i was still fading in and out of the "multiverse" i was just trapped in....my indian rug finally re-formed, and i was suddenly aware that I was ok!! I WAS SO HAPPY TO BE BACK IN REALITY!!!

It seemed like i was in a twin peaks episode, like someone flipped a switch and i popped back into existence.. I HAVE NEVER FELT SUCH RELIEF!!!!!! I was filled with an indescribable feeling of well-being and giddiness, that i was alive and going to be ok, and that i remembered now i had actually taking a hit of Salvia, and that is what just happened! but it seemed as though maybe i had just popped into that life, and all the "memories" i had of my life were implanted just then, so it seemed like i had been living that life, but i wasn't so sure...

AMAZING!!! the strange thing was, the longer i sobered up, the more my experience seemed to simultaneously leave me and haunt me, like a dream when you wake up...slowly it starts to fade..but you know something happened.. It took me about a half an hour to really feel like myself, but apparently the whole trip only lasted like 4-5 minutes!!!

I seriously thought the whole thing lasted a second and an eternity at the same time, if that is possible, it was beyond me how long it really took, if it wasn't for my friends to tell me what happened! Apparently, after i had taken my hit, i had stood up immediately, and stared at the indian rug, and started turning slowly to the left, which explains why i saw my friends rotate around me to the left! I walked around only once, and then started swinging my left arm around (the arm i THOUGHT was paralyzed) and eventually ran into a wall and thrashed at the streamers i had decorated for the fourth, and had actually called out to my friends in real life for help, like i remembered in my trance state!

My girlfriend had never seen anyone on Salvia, let alone me act so weird, so when i started calling out for help and ran into the wall, she got scared and turned the music off, so that's why i heard the music stop! she said she actually had grabbed me after that, and when she did my body went limp and she tried talking to me to tell me i'm ok and everything was going to be fine.. She said my eyes were open, but she could tell i was NOT seeing what was actually happening, and my face had turned quite white and my hands were clammy and wet..and that my breathing became very erratic, like i would not breathe for a long time, and then i would breathe very quickly in short successions...kinda scary for the poor girl! So when i felt we were dancing, it was her guiding me back to the couch!

The funny thing is, i would never had known i had gotten up and walked around if they hadn't told me! It seemed to me i had never left the couch after i came back to reality, because everyone was in the same place as when i started to trip! I just remember feeling so happy that she had saved me and brought me back to reality, i really bonded more with her and all my friends tonight.. my girlfriend was scared of what happened to me, so she decided not to do it.. WHEW! So now that it was over...I WANTED TO DO IT AGAIN!!!

I guess i just didn't know what to expect the first time, and i took too much and too high a potency for a first time user.. so it really scared me..i mean REALLY scared me... but now i knew i was going to be ok..hehee, funny, huh? The most terrifying experience in my life, and i was ready to do it again!

So about 3 hours later, after we had some dinner, i hit the rest of what was in the bong. This time, there was not as much, but i could for sure feel the EXACT SAME trip come back, but in a far, far safer and more controllable way, but it felt as though I was remembering what happened in the first trip! weird! I could actually communicate this time with my girlfriend, I did kind of get lost for a bit, but i guess i was describing to my girlfriend EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED THAT I FORGOT THE FIRST TRIP! Crazy!

It was like the second smaller hit was a flashback of the first trip! So hopefully with smaller dosages i can learn to control the trip..or maybe that is impossible....one thing is for sure, I CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!!!!! Since i had such a profound experience, i noticed that hours after i had tripped I still was activly trying to remember it all, and had very enlightened thought and feelings, like after doing alot of acid and meditating..

I read on Wikipedia it has been known and used for centuries by the Mazatec Indians, the use was concentrated in a small area in the Oaxacan Mountains and wasn't known outside of its extremely limited range, and it was highly esteemed by the Mazatecs and was believed to be a magical herb. It was used for everything from healing the sick to ceremonially induced visionary states for religion.

And it is only found in Oaxaca, and no where else! Also that the chemical reaction that happens is unlike any other psychoactive drug like mushrooms or acid, truly unique! I just wanted to share this experience while it is fresh in my mind! I'll let you know what happens next time, and if my girlfriend decides to do it! peace Frito Zanzibar aka Josh

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