Yopo surprise

It was my first time with DMT, but I’m experienced with cubensis, fly agaric, datura, and many other psychoactive substances. For a while I have been curious about DMT and ayahuasca but this fucking shocked me, I took three seeds and toasted them in a Pyrex dish, grinded them with pestal and morta, added hydrated lime 1:3 ratio and snorted the lot. After perhaps 30 seconds to 1 minute I felt a burning across my back and arms and within a few seconds my whole world changed, huge changes yellows and greens, objects turning inside out, I then hyperventilated, could not breath for a few seconds, very frightened, puked my guts out and fell onto my bed. I think I may have losted consciousness for some time, really, really intense hallucinations, puked some more and remembered what was going on. Must try again but with perhaps 2 small seeds, I was physically floored, could not move and at times could not open my eyes as it was way too intense. I remind you I have done very heavy mushroom and datura trips. Be careful, very careful with these potent little seeds. AMAZING, for such a small amount of organic material, again be careful. Cheers AZARIUS.