After much reading, and talking to people, I wanted the full DMT effect, so I smoked 40mg out of a glass pipe (or an 'oil-burner', as the head shop called it).

I sat in a luxury chair in the early afternoon listening to the instrumental soundtrack from "Shaft". I had a loved one with me who lit the bottom of the glass. The crystals turned to smoke and I was able to get 2 big hits before the DMT melted onto the glass.

I felt an immediate full-body and head rush accompanied by a psychedelic field of color. My hands in particular felt really heavy. The head rush was very strong. I remember saying "I'm fighting it" as it started, and I also heard a hissing sound.

Next, I stopped talking, started laughing a lot, and was compelled to close my eyes. I saw the formation of an intense, geometric face while my eyes were closed. Like if the patterns you normally see when closing your eyes came to life. The colors all joined together, creating an unfamiliar face that kept intensifying, almost vibrating as I kept my eyes closed.

All of this was a little scary at first, but I quickly began enjoying it and laughing. For me, opening my eyes did not show images as vividly as closing them did. So I kept my eyes closed, and after about 2 minutes the face faded away. Finally opening my eyes, objects had an unusual visual resonance...they had extra definition that ordinarily wasn't there.

After about 2 more minutes of that, the experience was over. Or, maybe not totally over. I continued to have brief, open-eye flashbacks for days afterward, and intense closed-eye flashbacks for weeks afterward.

DMT is a strange experience. I described it to someone I saw later that day as 'laughing in the face of terror'. I frequently took psychedelics in my teens (I'm now in my late 30's), and this one is definitely unique.

Although it is a brief experience, I still felt physically gross afterwards. The smoke is harsh, it just pounds your lungs, and the whole room around me smelled bad. The experience was also emotionally taxing for me, like I laid some kind of guilt trip on myself (this may have to do with my age).

You should probably rest well and eat healthy before smoking this. I'm glad I tried it, it really is a VERY interesting 5 minutes. But with the amount I have left over, I think I'll smoke it 'weed-style' next time. That is, mixed with herb in a regular pot pipe. I'm told this brings about a milder version of the above experience.

As intense as DMT is, I will say that I still think LSD takes the cake; it is still the definitive psychedelic experience. I think some of the other DMT reports I've heard were somewhat exaggerated. For example, the guy who gave this to me said he "did DMT and a whippet, and loved it". If DMT was as debilitating as some people say it is, then how could you possibly do a whippet while smoking it?

However, this fast-acting and mysterious extract is still very powerful. In a word - wow.

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