Really good stuff

I cultivated 150 gr of mushrooms and took them with me (properly packed) to eat in a seaside free camping setup, along with 7 friends. First thing in the morning we ate the shrooms and then had coffee. An hour later everybody, accept two friends (It was two girls that had a really bad trip because of wrong psychology.), was bursting in laughter. Had a really nice trip with mild hallaucinations, exceptionaly good mood. Being in the habit of combining substances, we smoked a couple of joints and drunk white wine(about 5-8 litres each) . Because of the booze and the joints the ending of the trip was really wonderfull (total burning of the brain). I still carry marks on me from the numerus times I fell down laughing. NOT A PARTY DRUG! DON'T TRY ALONE, HAVE ALWAYS SOMEONE EXPERIENCED SITTING BY!! ONCE YOU ATE IT, DONT FIGHT IT, JUST GO WITH THE FLOW AND ENJOY!!!