Psilocybe Azurescens Strongest Trip Ever

As first please sorry i know azurescens does not belong in cubensis, i just haven't found better place to write it. I am a seasonal shroom collector (and now beginner grower), in the fields and mountains in my home country is not rare to find psilocybe shrooms, few of 'em are growing in czech rep only (psi. bohemica and moravica) but what rare is, we found in one forest around a spruit wild psilocybe azurescens (got a friend mykologyst who confirm that meaning but still not 100 percent sure).

Back to my story; it was late October, first snow in my home and i decided to go and collect something for me and my friend T. Because the dark was coming i found 20 pieces of fully grown fruits only (once i come from that place with 400 pieces on my own). i don't know the weight, we never measured it, it was only like take ten middlegrown and you will see, azurescens are much smaller than cubensis.

Me and my friend had a small ritual that august, I bring the shrooms T bring the joint of weed, we made a tea, took it, wait for evening darkfall and then smoke skank. Normally i bring about 30 to 50 fruits for your nice friday night, this time it was only 20 but bigger than usual.

We took the tea, it was still two hours to nightfall, went with T into the town to sort T´s bicycle from a workshop. i fell them on my own, T as well, it was high stuff very funny with almost no hallucinating.

When we sorted out the bike, we went to pub and play some fusball, our other friend K. came and play with us, it was fun but as you know being with person of clear mind is not good to let trip go, when the dark fall me and T decide to leave the K and go to our favorite park bench to smoke a skunk stuff.

But K take out us to his own outdoor weed first, then he went to another pub to see someone else it was dark, K leave us, it was like big wshooooooom. me and T stay on a different bench then the ours, and laugh and laugh, it was strong, maybe strong enough.

But after about half an hour we both stop laughing, and the same thing came at two tripped mind "we still have a skunk joint and we are on our parkbench" It was really ritual, im pretty sure i could not do same crazy things with person who is not so close to me by mind as T is.

We came on the place, roll, burn, smoke, and then the massacre comes, maybe 3 or 4 hours after the tea the azurescens finally shown their true power in almost dark, one public light there, i saw a strong hallucinations, fractals all over my view like on acid, after a moment i wondered T was talking to me " wasted, im so fucking wasted, wow its so fucking strong but good, ah gosh im wasted, are you wasted as me , ....... no you are not its only me, your ok but im so wasted".

i was so wasted i could not answer, i was no moving just flowing through the area we went to offlicence to buy some beer, connect it with nice and fucking long trip around the town full of things who was not there, really enjoy it after next about 4 hours (maybe i don't know) we separate and go to sleep home.

I ate a lot thing since that time even before, i'm collecting shrooms for couple of years and i ate hundreds of em but i never ever had as that strong intense trip as that friday on our bench

1.well so if you will have opportunity to take azurescens, the hell do it and T found the shrooms are working best if you take them than the night will fall (best hour max two after eating) and then smoke a proper skunk thanx for reading and sorry for my grammar of english ;)

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