Mushroom trip

I grew and prepared the mushrooms for me and a girlfriend. The mushrooms were dried and powered and put into capsules. I took 1.5g and she took 2g. I know i trip very easily so I didn't need anymore, she'd previously taken 1g and had felt only mild effects so took a higher dose. The capsules made taking the shrooms far easier and with no nasty taste. The trip came on about 30mins in, we sat outside as the sun went down. the paving slabs started to play pictures of Buddhist imagery and ancient cave type paintings. the trees in the garden revealed how they yearn for the light and everything began to ripple.. 1 hour in and we go inside as we realize how cold it's getting. I find it very difficult to get up as I feel rooted to the spot. But i make it inside and to the lounge where I've left music playing on the xbox with the visualizer running. I lay down on the sofa and look at the ceiling... the whole thing is alive like an ocean. 2 hours in and the trip is in full effect.. i start to feel a little scared as I start to loose track of my body and everything is moving. I can draw psychedelic patterns with my fingers across the material of the sofa.. I also feel very hungry. The girlfriend some how is managing to function and goes and makes some food. (later she says she was tripping really hard but found the function of doing things helped her deal with it) 3 hours in I'm falling in and out of reality.. I smoke some tobacco and things come back to normal for a moment.. the food arrives.. i eat and declare i could eat a million of these. I fall into a semi sleep.. when i wake 20min later everything is calming down. We chill and talk for the next 4 hours about life.