First shroom experience

The day started like any other , i woke up with my work clothes still on , drew and lit a cigarette, pulled my shoes on and headed out my door to another shift at the restaurant. Walking to work in the early morning before the rush of cars and their accompanied noise and smog was my favorite time of day , tall leafy trees cast dappled green light as they overhung the deserted road and the pale blue of the sky was shot with pink and orange clouds. Cool air curled cigarette smoke around my face and i messaged a friend , already looking forward to the end of my shift. The day went by in a soul sucking drawl of fake smiles and endless piles of entitlement. The end of the day came around and my friend messaged me about getting some magic mushrooms instead of some dank bud ,he told me not to eat anything for the rest of the day, i was keen . After my shift a couple of friends picked me up and we went to a small parking lot near a polo field , we waited a while and spoke of nothing of consequence. The shroom contact arrived in a shiny silver low-slung sportscar that made me think of spaceships .. We got our shrooms and headed to a place that was suggested would be good for a trip. At around four in the evening we ate our dry shrooms straight up and washed the taste down with water ,we sat on a brownish-red hillock of rough crystalline sandstone surrounded by dark dense uninviting forest. (T-30) I found myself in an altered state of being , everything seemed to emit its own luminescence and a welling up of unaccountable happiness seemed to force its way up through my body and transform into tear jerking laughter. (T-45) The sandstone under me started to shift into rivulets of geometric particles that flowed both towards me and away from me in valleys. My body felt tiny on the rock and the forest around us seemed to become more and more sinister as the sun sunk lower in the sky , branches hung with moss started to reach for me and i said that we had to go somewhere else with a voice that came from way above my head. (T-1.hour) We clambered into the car after fighting through grabbing branches , as soon as i got into the car i felt the welling up of laughter again. As the car started to move i looked through the window and splintered images like broken mirrors came to my mind as i laughed hysterically. (T-1:15) It seemed like no time passed at all and we were at a petrol station where me and a friend thought it would be a good idea to go into the shop , we staggered against each other to the glass door that slid open automatically which made us pause in surprise and then burst out laughing ,we went into the shop and laughed at all the strange packages and shiny foil.. We literally took three steps into the shop and retreated , the world seemed hilarious and silly. (T-1:30) We arrived at another forest , towering trees , empty meandering stone paths and a small stream ran under a bridge , we lay down on the bridge and tranquility settled over us as we looked up at the foliage above us. The leaves melted together and created intense green tessellated patterns that fascinated me and sent me into my own mind where i wondered about how strange day to day life is , how if a person like me had to die it would be the most tangible contribution i would have made to society , this made me sad and i cried as darkness swirled in around us like water pouring through the gaps in the leaves above us. (T-2.hours) I got up and wandered by myself around the stone pathways in the dark , white and blue lines appeared as if someone was flicking laser lights quickly from side to side in a circle around me , i felt the reflections of the lights on my body and it felt as if i was glowing from the inside. I felt euphoric and serene , the silence of the forest closed around me and i felt the life of the plants as well as my own life move closer and further away from me every time i breathed in and out. (T-3.hours) At this point a friend started shouting for me , the lights died and my serenity was shattered.. i despised that disembodied voice so much at that point i didn't reply. I walked slowly to the voice , the voice had decided it was time to go , a friend had injured himself earlier in the night and i had forgotten about it.. he had to go home so we all left the wonderful forest. (T-4.hours) At home , I remembered the morning and how it seemed that it was just a few breaths in the past that i had woken up and yet as far away as a star , unreachable , unchangeable. The walls of my room bent in towards me and when i reached for them they bent outwards , the same effect stuck with me for about a week afterwards. (T-5.hours) A felling of well-being settled over me and i felt tired so i lit up a cigarette , lay down and closed my eyes. I fell asleep thinking about toasted cheese sandwiches. The feeling of well-being stayed with me for a week and some effects from the mushies stayed a bit longer . I've had two more trips but getting hold of decent shrooms is difficult where i stay in South Africa .