Community Perspective

Few months ago. This was the first time for me. I was with some good friends (6 persons incl. myself) in an enviroment that I thrusted and I felt good. We ate the shrooms at about 12 o'clock. The story went round the table that you actually shouldn't have eaten something 3 hours before you ate the shrooms because then it would come harder and quicker. But because it was my first time I ate 2 sandwiches before eating. I ate the shrooms together with my friends. All having a face like eating grass with dirt, but we didn't care. Half an hour after i ate them i went to the supermarket to buy some apples with two other friends. When we bought the apples we started noticing the first effects of the shrooms. The feeling like you are flying 1 cm above the ground while you are actually just walking, and everything got brighter and i got more attention for the smaller details. When we came back we saw our other friends (who were still normal when we left) all standing on the couch looking at the ceiling as if they saw a movie being played on the seiling. Me and my two friends started laughing so hard, WE ALMOST COULDN'T STOP! I decided to go outside with the two friends i bought apples with and we hanged around at the playground. We had an enormous advantage that it was the first sunny, dry and warm day in weeks for it had been winter! As I walked on the field i had the feeling as if my right arm wanted to live his own life and wanted to rip itself apart! So i grabbed my right-arm with my left-arm and ran around like a wild dog, screaming: MY ARM IS ALIVE, IT WANTS ITS OWN LIFE!! As I walked inside, I got ANOTHER cool effect of the shrooms. I thought I knew EVERYTHING!! I was LEONARDO DA VINCI or something! I started talking to a friend about: The Hill of Community! The Hill of Community was a imagenary hill that represented our community we were living in. It had a sunny side and a dark side. Every mans goal was to stay at the sunny side! The sunny side meant: You earn youre own money; You CAN use drugs, but only the GOOD DRUGS; you werent a criminal etc. All in all, the shrooms was one of the best trip i ever had, and the best part is.... IM GONNA EAT SOME TOMORROW AGAIN!! Drug-on!! PEACE!!