Colorful first experience

I’d arrived home late from a quick trip to Germany. A really strong thunder storm had rolled into town and just pounded down rain with nearly non-stop lightening and thunder. I was soaked as soon as I stepped out of the car. The puddle of water by the back gate door was over my ankles. My son was spending the night with a friend and had left the dog outside who was now soaked to the bone and looking at me with those sad doggy eyes. I let us both in and dried us off. We’d had some university friends from America visiting for the last week. After two days in Amsterdam, we left them to continue their European vacation. I had hoped to do some mushrooms with them and walk around Amsterdam but they were satisfied with smoking weed. Although they were satisfied, I still wanted my first experience with magic mushrooms so on our last day together we stopped at the first smart shop we saw with fresh mushrooms and I bought 18 grams of Philosopher Stones. I went online and do some research and discovered I apparently made a good choice for a beginner. I brew a tea with about half of the box. I chew the truffles well and wash them down with the tea. The nutty taste is not bad but not particularly pleasant either. I sit back and watch Comedy Central waiting for my trip to start. At about T+60 or so I am not noticing anything so I brew another cup of tea with the rest of the 18 grams. About T+105 I notice the colors on the comedy program are really bright. I sit up and look around and notice a stoned feeling. I stand up and notice I am staggering a bit like I am drunk. I see the Completa coffee creamer container on the kitchen counter is in more brilliantly vibrant with colors than I remember it being. Cool! So I start paying more attention to the comedy on TV. A best of Dan Akroid Saturday Night Live is playing and every skit is making me laugh. The rain outside slacked off to a drizzle and the dog needs a walk so I fetch my umbrella and the dog’s leach and go for a walk along the canal. It’s about 12:30 at night but the streetlights light up the area surprising well. I’ve walked the dog many times at night and the only time it is this light out at night there would normally be snow on the ground. Normally, I don’t see colors at night either but I can easily see the green grass and tree leaves. The streetlights cast a bluish cone shaped ray of light on the ground where every big water puddle is revealed. My pupils must be really dilated to allow me to see so well in the dark. The lightening is flickering now and again all around me causing low rumbling thunder. Several closer strikes end with a clap. I watch several bolts spread over my head across the sky in a web of zigzag branches of multiple colors but mostly blue. It is as if time slows down because I can see the progressive stepping of new branches as the lightening streaks across the sky or down to the ground. It is incredibly colorful and beautiful but then I have always liked watching lightening. I find myself with a big goofy grin on my face. I start talking to myself and chuckling as about half the thoughts that run through my head seem funny. It is strange how I hear the echo of my voice as it reflects off of my umbrella. It is funny how I never noticed that before. Then I think maybe it is not such a good idea to stand out here in a lightening storm with a lightening rod in my hand. I call my dog to me to turn around to return home and offer to him to carry the umbrella but he just looks at me like I am stupid or something. Yeah. I didn’t think he would fall for it. I return home and watch more Comedy Central. Late this night they play several “Malcolm in the Middle” in a row. I am captivated by the brilliants and contrasts of the colors on the program. I found myself laughing out loud at the program, even at ones that I had already seen before. When I did go to bed as I lay falling asleep, I was treated to a beautiful show of bursting colors in the form of an ever changing Mandelbrot in my mind’s eye. My experience with Philosopher Stones can be summed up as a mild and colorful event that lasted a little less than three hours. The stoned feeling continued for another two or three hours. I had no hallucinations of things that were not there. No melting anything. No waves before my open eyes. I did not take a trip to a different world. It was this world, just enhanced in sight and sound with a general feeling of happiness and clarity. I liked it enough that I ordered a grow box.