I'm not sure what happend

Around noon I ate one cucmber and one tomato. Six hours later i ate 20 grams of dried amanitas. About half an hour after i took amanitas I smoked a joint and i had to lie down for a moment because the joint was kind a large. Soon I restored energy that was taken by marijuana and I drank 1 gram/10x amanita extract with water. I'm not sure what hapend later but I definetly "saw" "the point" where present and eternity "touch". Ha ha ha... Beside that trip was too strong I was able to do things that I never could have done on 5-6 grams of cubensis (like roll a really big and nice joint). I don't recommend this dosage to be taken for fun , but those who would like to see "the other side" and have a profound sleep after - go for it!