Yesterday we (me and a friend) went to a smartshop in Breda on a scooter. The first one we entered had packages of 25 seeds for €7,50,-, which is ridiculously cheap. I bought them and that night we were going to take them, me and four friends. They tasted very nice (I mixed them with some wine) and in the first hour it felt like all sort of things were crawling around in my stomach (not a very nice feeling). After 1,5 - 2 hours we were quite disapointed, because none of us felt anything. I had some homegrown weed in my room and decided to bake a spacecake. I searched the internet for a recipe and just freestyled in the kitchen (the result was quite good). While making the spacecake, I was completely focussed on the process, I experienced a kind of professional-feeling, like I was a great cook or something. When the cake was in the oven me and a friend decided to smoke some weed, but we still weren't feeling euphoric or something. No visuals, hallucinations or LSD-like feelings. Nothing. Eating the cake next day worked fine, though.