My First Trip EVER and on Peyote

It was my first trip ever. Normally I was going to trip on shrooms but my friends had ordered Peyote and I really wanted to trip so I just did it. We were at my friends home and first we grinded the peyote and then we cooked some soup from it.

The soup was the dirtiest thing I had ever tasted but nevertheless I drank it all with some honey. I almost had to puke but I could overcome the sickness and learned to enjoy my sickness. Then we sat in some chairs and lay in beds and stuff and we could slowly feel ourself slipping away in some sort of trance state.

Goa music is really good for this period of the trip and everything feels like an orgasm. Then we went outside and we really started to trip. I walked on rainbow bridges and the trees started to move and I could see the growing and shrinking very fast and over and over again.

I don't know how long we laid there on the ground but after a while we started walking in my friends garden. I thought I was a giant and I could see entire landscapes on the ground and I could jump over them. We had some good laughs and I saw some cool stuff like little people walking in the woods and some gigantic dog and my friend looked like a hybrid between Brad Pitt, an evil clown and a leprechaun.

Then we decided to go back inside. The next thing that happened was that we could see that everything was infinite and brightly coloured and we could like go into everything. We listened to Jimmy Hendrix wich was realy great end we started to draw living things on the wall with wasco's.

A cat came in and started licking my hand and it gave me orgasms and the cat looked like a rainbow and I could see the life in it. After all we half woke up from the trip and I clearly noticed that my perception has changed.It was the best experience of my life and I'm surely going to do this again. All hail the Peyote snake and Azarius.

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