What are Happy Caps?


Happy Caps isn’t just a nice-sounding brand name, it’s a range of natural herbal pills with solid various effects: invigorating, euphoric, tripping or mood-enhancing. Are you ready to discover the perfect cap for you?

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Everybody needs a bit of a boost at some point, whether it’s on the dancefloor, in the bedroom, or just life in general. Luckily, Happy Caps has got a broad range of goods to cover some of the most essential aspects of life.

Staying true to the Happy Caps brand identity, virtually all Happy Caps products live up to their names. This definitely applies to Energy-E; Energy-E is guaranteed to put a little pep in your step, as it will have you feeling charged up and uninhibited.

Energy-E has this clubbing crazy younger brother called Dance-E; a potent energizer with some euphoria sprinkled on top. If you’ve got a breakdance battle coming up or you’re looking to impress your crush with some moves at an upcoming festival, Dance-E is the most solid partner-in-crime to have.

Then there is Euphor-E, aka on-demand happiness. This formula will have you grinning, and make you more loose in your social interactions. Because truly happy people also share their happiness with others.

Our final booster is Sex-E, which will have you finishing puzzles in no-time… Well, perhaps. However, it’s even more likely Sex-E will have you in the mood like Tyrone Davis. It gives you better stamina and improves the blood flow to the genital area. You can thank us later…



While some of our readers might need a boost from time to time, others might be here looking for a nice way to relax a little more. Happy Caps doesn’t just cater to a broad range of people from a lifestyle perspective, but also from an energy perspective. Do you have energy in abundance? Are you looking to relax a bit? Happy Caps will have you relaxing in such a way that even that Franky guy who’s going to Hollywood will look at you with envy.

Heavenly-E is the go-to Happy Caps formula to mellow out. Instead of forcing you to chill, it gently invites you to do so. It alleviates stress, but you’ll still feel energized to a comfy degree. A Heavenly feeling indeed…



We’ve all been there: you got big business to attend to, but you just can’t seem to find the right focus to wrap things up. Good thing Happy Caps doesn’t just support leisure activities, it also has your back when things get really real.

Brain-E is Happy Caps’ energizer for the mind. This smart mix of natural nootropics gives you a gradual mental peak and helps you focus on the task at hand for hours on end. Be your very best version whenever you need to be!



Once you’ve taken care of business, killed it on the dance floor and “convinced” your love interest, Happy Caps is also there for you when you want to take it to that next level spiritually-speaking. Happy Caps’ psychedelic range consists of a slightly more mellow younger brother, Space-E, and its even more powerful older brother, Trip-E.

Trip-E expands your consciousness and takes you on a mystic, meditative journey. This formula will give you an unforgettable and intense trip. If you’re kinda new to psychedelic journeys, we recommend actually starting with one capsule. This should tell you all you need to know about the potency of Trip-E!

Space-E is a psychedelic energizer stimulating both body and mind. This formula provides a strong energy boost, complemented with a spacey feeling. You will feel happy and uninhibited, and your skin will start to tingle pleasantly.

How do you use Happy Caps?

Happy Caps are very straightforward to use. Take one or two capsules, about 30 to 45 minutes before the desired effect, depending on your choice of Happy Caps. In some cases it is advised to take your Happy Caps on an empty stomach.

Do not exceed the maximum dosage of 2 capsules per 24 hours. For a complete overview on how to use your Happy Caps of choice, click on your favourite formula. And whatever you do, make sure you stay Happy!

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