This is your chance

At Azarius we receive a lot of questions. No surprise there, as psychedelics are not vegetables and you can’t get them from the grocery store around the corner either. Whether you want to grow them or consume them, there’s a lot to know before you step into wonderland.

Knowledge is everything.

So when the awesome Mushroom Magazine asked us for a collaboration where we would answer readers’ questions, we knew what to do. With 16 years of experience in natural highs, we love to share everything we’ve learned along the way with people like you from all over Europe.

ASK AZARIUS is now live.

This is your chance to ask everything you’ve always wanted to know about psychedelics.

No question is too weird (unless it involves your mother in law), no plant or substance needs to be left out (even if it’s not legally available in your country) because if anything, information should be free.

Ask Azarius

Have you checked out the New Mushroom?

Mushroom Magazine is world’s leading psytrance magazine. For more than 10 years it has been reporting on all the colourful aspects of life: music, art, parties, colourful people and the psychedelic experience to name a few.

2015 is the year of the New Mushroom, the magazine has been reborn in A5 format with more room for superb content and art. We love it!

Mushroom magazine

2015 Trancer’s guide to the Galaxy is out now!

Are you into psytrance and festivals? Make sure not to miss Mushroom’s trancey sister, the Trancer’s Guide to the galaxy. The 2015 edition has just been released! This handy guide helps you discover all the European trance festivals that are worth a visit. Knowledge is everything, but new adventures and new party destinations are, too!