This Saturday the Save The Shroom protest took place at the Dam square in Amsterdam. Several hundred shroom enthusiasts from all over the Netherlands gathered to protest against the ill-advised and weakly reasoned ban on the shroom. The atmosphere was very relaxed, with colourful banners and mushrooms everywhere.

Amongst the speakers were poet Simon Vinkenoog, author Hans Plomp, August de Loor (Adviesburo Drugs), Freek Polak (psychiatrist, organizer Stichting Drugsbeleid) and Laurens Ivens (SP Amsterdam), who spoke strongly about the political agenda of Minister Ab Klink.

The Save The Shroom action got a lot of media attention. both preceding and during the protest. For weeks activists could be heard on the radio, seen on TV, and newspapers reported on the Free Spore Print action, the 3-day plan of Job Cohen, and of course the protest gathering itself. Because of this the pro-shroom point of view was heard by many people in the Netherlands and abroad.

So all in all the protest was very successful! Now it's up to the Dutch government to take the advice of the experts seriously.

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