Mind Altering Science: a conference on psychedelic research

On October 23 and 24, Dutch consciousness-pioneering organization Stichting Open is organizing a conference on psychedelic research. The conference is hosted by the University of Amsterdam.

With researchers and therapists from a wide variety of academic disciplines, this event will be dedicated to the exploration of a broad range of subjects. From addiction treatment to psychotherapy with the aid of psychedelics, from the neurobiology of ayahuasca to the social, ritual and legal implications of its use, and from psychopharmacology and human psychedelic research to new views on the legalisation of psychedelic substances.

Professionals and researchers in the field of psychiatry, addiction treatment and psychotherapy will be introduced to promising, albeit unconventional, new methods of treatment.

Early bird tickets are now available. Students can order their tickets at reduced rates.

For a list of confirmed speakers and additional information, visit MindAlteringScience.com