Cannabis legalisation in the Netherlands could yield 850 million euro annually

Taxing and regulating the sales and cultivation of cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol could yield the country approximately 850 million euro in annual revenues and savings. These are the results of a recent study carried out by Dutch economist Martijn Boermans.

Earlier this year a government working group from the Ministry of Finance calculated that legalisation of cannabis would raise 443 million euro annually. According to Boermans these figures are too low. He says legalisation would result in a net revenue of up to 850 million euro per year. The government ignored the figures of the Ministry of Finance and opted for tighter regulation of the current ‘gedoogbeleid’. In this tolerance policy coffeeshops are allowed to sell small amounts of cannabis, but the cultivation remains illegal.

Raimond Dufour, chairman of The Netherlands Drugs Policy Foundation announced that the organization will soon start a petition to gather 40,000 signatures. By doing this, the subject of drug legalisation will automatically be introduced as an agenda initiative into the Lower House.