Azarius’ tips during self-quarantine

Written by Sterre Marree

With the novel coronavirus rampaging all over the world, and basically everyone being urged to stay home, it looks like we’re all in this very weird situation together: we all have to self-isolate.

So, you probably stocked up on video games, frozen pizzas and crates of beer like the good doomsday prepper you are. You might even have built yourself an impressive pillow fort. You are all set for self-quarantine! 

At first, you have the time of your life not taking any responsibilities (except for the legitimate responsibility to stay TF home). But, after a couple of days, you have saved princess Zelda, defeated the nazi’s, and Netflix has literally run out of suggestions for you… That is the moment when boredom strikes. 

At that point, you could get into the wonderful world of Sudoku, or… you can turn to your friends at Azarius. We have some tips for you to help you stay happy and not lose your mind during these strange times.

Grow an autoflowering weed plant

So the sun is shining, you can’t go out and you have loads of time on your hands. We can’t think of better circumstances to start growing a cute little autoflowering cannabis plant at home. Especially the first few stages - germinating and planting the seeds, and lovingly nursing them through the vegetative stage, requires a lot of time and tender loving care. Perfect timing, right?

Germinating cannabis seedThe start of your new indoor stoner garden

Here are some good reads about getting your growing adventure started. After all, you have all the time to dive into the rabbit hole of weed cultivation and enhance your skills as a grower. Trust me, you will thank yourself when autumn rolls around the corner. Especially when you’re vaping away on your own awesome homegrown bud.

Germination tips and tricks

Autoflower grow tips

Excited to get started? Check out our seeds shop. Where you will get a free seed with every seeds order!

Show me them seeds!

Grow your own psychedelic garden

So you feel like doing some indoor gardening, but you’re more into being rewarded with a colourful psychedelic trip? Why not try growing your own magic mushrooms with one of our grow kits? We have different strains and different types of kits. So whether you’re the “I want to go all the way and grow from scratch” or more the “I just want to chill out and watch my babies grow” type of grower, we definitely have the right kit for you.

Magic mushrooms from a grow kit

And guess what? By the time we’re all out of self-quarantine, you’ll have so many beautiful little shrooms, you can basically trip all summer, together with all your friends. Sounds good?

Check out our grow kits 

Have some good old kratom fun

Kratom is one of our favourite smartshop herbs. In lower doses, it makes you feel happy, bubbly and bouncy. In higher doses, however, it totally chills you out. Kratom will definitely help you create a fun, memorable night - even when you’re at home, all by yourself. 

Azarius offers many different kinds of kratom leaves and some very pure and blazingly strong extracts. We do have to warn you, though. Kratom is a slightly addictive herb. Do not use it more than once or twice per week. 

Cat with kratomEveryone loves kratom!

That being said, we created a list with some fun things to do (which we may or may not have tried ourselves) while you’re on kratom.

Low-dose Kratom activities

  • Remember when you promised yourself you’d completely spring clean your house… soon? Now is the time!
  • Get some physical exercise and do a work-out at home (or just repeatedly run up and down the stairs until your housemates beg you to stop).
  • Pick up that old guitar you haven’t played since forever, and jam to your favourite (metal) songs.
  • Host or join an online video party with your friends, and dance your socks off!

High-dose kratom activities

  • A high dose of Kratom creates the perfect headspace to not get bored during a very long, chill yoga session.
  • Try another activity you’d normally not be patient enough for, like knitting. By the end this self-isolation thing is over, you will have so many scarfs, blankets and jumpers to gift to all the friends you missed so much.
  • Listen, without doing anything else, to a deep trip-hop, experimental ambient or post-metal (or anything awesome and interesting) album, all the way to the end. You’ll hear so many things you never noticed before. 
  • Call your friends to check-in, and have a deep conversation about how y’all are dealing with the weird situation we’re all in.

I’ll have whatever she’s having!

We hope these ideas will help you keep the cabin fever at bay. Hang in there, you can do this!